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JCosta variator IT201TR PRO

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JCosta variator IT201TR PRO for Aprilia...


We present you NeW generation of Jcosta variators, PRO series with Press-Depress revolutionary technique of rollers and heat sink.

- Improvement in:
o Smoother performance.
o Better aerodynamics.
o Weight reduction (inertial control).
o Higher refrigeration allowing less temperature due to the new variator design with sink.
o Higher quality for all components of speed control, higher durability and less maintenance.

- We get:
o Faster operation.
o Higher reaction on the throttle Press-Depress of the rollers.
o Reduction of the fuel consumption.

The new PRO speed control series, differs from version before by taking a heatsinks within the speed control in a circle provided with projections, between rollers area and bushing area. The rollers cavities are holed for the Press-Depress effect making them to act more quickly and smoothly both at the entrance to a higher gear as the output of a lower gear showing no jumps, it makes the air as fluid dynamic to help the rollers to emerge or be collected faster without increasing fuel consumption.


Fits the following models:

  Aprilia Area 51-50cc. 
  Aprilia Gulliver Air-50cc.
  Aprilia Mc Gulliver-50cc.
  Aprilia Rally Air-50cc.
  Aprilia Rally Lc-50cc.
  Aprilia Scarabeo-50cc.
  Aprilia Sonic/Sonic GP LC-50cc.
  Aprilia SR Air/LC-50cc.
  Aprilia SR Nestscaper-50cc.
  Aprilia SR Racing-50cc. 
  Aprilia SR Sport-50cc. 
  Aprilia SR Stealth-50cc.
  Aprilia SR WWW-50cc.
  Benelli 491 GT-50cc.
  Benelli 491 Racing-50cc.
  Benelli 491 Sport-50cc.
  Benelli K2-50cc.
  Benelli Pepe-50cc.
  Beta ARK-50cc.
  Beta Chrono-50cc. 
  Beta Eikon-50cc. 
  Beta Tempo 13-50cc.
  Beta Tempo 16-50cc.
  Italjet Dragster-50cc.
  Malaguti Centro-50cc. 
  Malaguti Centro SL-50cc.
  Malaguti Ciak/ Ciak TD-50cc.
  Malaguti Ciak Master Euro 2-50cc.
  Malaguti Ciak Mono Euro 2-50cc.
  Malaguti F10 Jet Line-50cc.
  Malaguti F12 Phantom -50cc.
  Malaguti F15 Firefox-50cc.
  Malaguti Yesterday-50cc.
  MBK Booster-50cc.
  MBK Evolis-50cc.
  MBK Flipper-50c.
  MBK Forte-50cc.
  MBK Match G-50cc.
  MBK Nitro-50cc.
  MBK Ovetto-50cc.
  MBK Stunt-50cc.
  Yamaha Axis-50cc.
  Yamaha Aerox-50cc.
  Yamaha YA R Axis S/T-50cc.
  Yamaha YA ZA Jog Z-50cc.
  Yamaha YH Why-50cc.
  Yamaha YM Breeze-50cc.
  Yamaha YN Neo’s-50cc.
  Yamaha BWS-50cc.

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