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J Costa brand offers the best technology, performance and equipment for scooters, creating products designed for our customers who have needs related to security and safety in driving, as well as clients who want to upgrade their scooter to the next level in performance, speed and driving control. Therefore we can say that our products, depending on the profile are divided to Urban and Racing models.

So as we have previously stated, in order to improve the performance of your scooter, we have products that are global leaders in this field.

- Without the constant innovation and development in the field of setting new standards the brand J costa would not exist, and neither survived as one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for scooters.

Tradition, experience in this field of industry and market knowledge as well as a strong commitment to what we do, distinguishes us as a market leader. In order to survive in the market and to respond to speed of innovations that this industry requires, in Jcosta we have advanced research and long-term plan and strategy of development.

All the products we produce, before leaving the factory go through a rigorous quality control, ensuring maximum security. In fact, thanks to good cooperation with our clients, we exceed existing standards.

We in Jcosta have the best possible laboratory, after numerous checks and tests we are certified as a brand and recognized as an international manufacturer. We support and regularly participate in motorcycle rallies and events, where our products do not go unnoticed, even more, they achieve remarkable results.

As we have previously stated, Jcosta always choose the path of innovation. Innovation and technology are what's running through our veins.

It is not enough merely to exist, it is important to fight, compete and work to always be number one in what we do.


E-shop is not official website of Jcosta, but a property of  their official distributor, company that has been working with Jcosta for many years and has their trust.